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Play Online Roulette at Boom Casino

Roulette has long been a favorite table for casino enthusiasts. There is nothing more exciting than watching that little ball bounce around the wheel before it lands on a number. The game is simple to play and all about luck, making it a suitable choice for casino novices and pros alike. You can enjoy the thrill of the online roulette wheel in its many variations here at Boom Casino.

In our table games lobby, you can explore a wide choice of online roulette tables played across the virtual felt and even broadcasted in HD format from a professional casino studio in our live casino section. There are many variations of the game available, including French roulette, European roulette, Multi-fire roulette, and more, all coming from renowned studios like Microgaming, Play’n GO, or Switch.

The History of Roulette

Roulette is one of the most famous casino games in the world. This classic table was first established back in the 18th century Monte Carlo and is now featured at every notable land-based and online casino. Roulette is a French word that means ‘little wheel’, which hints at its French origin. However, where roulette came from remains a mystery and there are many stories of where the game originated.

How to Play Roulette

Playing online roulette is definitely one of the easier undertakings at casino tables. The online roulette casino table features a wheel and a table of numbers and colors, and you bet what color/number you think the roulette ball will land on. Roulette is a guessing game where you bet on which number from 0 to 36 you think the ball will stop in. It’s 100% based on chance and there is no element of skill involved as in poker for example, making it such an enjoyable pastime for many players. To make things more exciting, there are different sections on the table you can place bets on, including red/black, odds/evens and even sections of numbers.

The game plays out as follows:

1. Place your bet – Place your chips on the numbers, sections or a color you think the roulette ball will land on before the betting round closes.

2. Spin the roulette wheel – The dealer will spin the roulette wheel and the winning number is randomly chosen by a ball spinning around the wheel.

3. Win if the number matches your bet – If you guessed correctly, you’ll win between 1 and 35 times your bet depending on the bet type.

Types of Online Roulette Games

As one of the most played casino games in the world, the online roulette game has seen many new variations hit the scene. The game changed as it found its way across Europe and to the States, with the popular versions of French, European, and American roulette all widely played and featuring differing setups. The variations don’t stop here though, as the birth of online casinos has seen game developers create their own online variations of the game, offering players the classic casino table with an exciting twist. For example, here at Boom Casino, you can play Roulette FX that combines roulette with forex trading.

To give you a better idea of the house edge in roulette, we’ve broken down the most popular roulette variations and their percentages below:

  • European Roulette house edge: 2.70%
  • French Roulette house edge: 2.70% – For even money bets: 1.35%
  • American Roulette house edge: 5.26%
  • Real Roulette

    Since the rise of online gaming, we have seen some incredible additions to online roulette gambling and the casino spectrum. The launch of live dealer tables made players feel like they were sitting at a table in a land-based casino, but from the comfort of their own homes. Now, the likes of Real Roulette are taking the table game experience up a notch.

    Our Real Roulette by Deal Dealer uses top-quality interactive video and some moviemaking magic to bring more realism to your roulette session. The Real Roulette concept uses professional actors, film directors, and post-production techniques to produce a flawless roulette table game performance. Each of our currently 7 Real Roulette games is its own package and not linked to one studio, unlike live dealer games. These tables are super immersive and exciting thanks to the unrivalled visual quality and exceptional audio, creating a casino online roulette atmosphere like no other.

    European Roulette

    European roulette is widely present in online casinos that operate in Europe and around the world. This table is the most played one as it features a single zero and offers more favorable odds than the other popular versions such as American roulette.

    This version uses a wheel that has 36 numbers and one zero. The wheel is similar to the French wheel, but the table layout is more American, with two rows of outside bets. It also doesn’t feature the classic French terms on the table. What’s more, when it comes to the house edge, it is between the French and American versions. This is also due to the European roulette not having the French “La Partage” and “En Prison” rules, which can make it less favored to some roulette players.

    American Roulette

    As opposed to European roulette with just one zero, American roulette has a wheel that contains a zero and a double zero, making it a total of 38 numbers on the wheel. This roulette table also features a special surrender rule, which is the same as La Partage, and allows you to keep half the outside bet when the ball lands on a zero. It is also good to note that the American roulette house edge is higher because of the number of zeros on the table.

    American Roulette vs. European Roulette

    So, which version of this ever-popular table game is the best? Well, that depends on what you want from the game. As stated, there are differences in the house edge; in American Roulette it’s 5.26%, and in European Roulette it’s 2.7%. So, if you’re looking to make a potential profit and increase your winning chances, then European roulette would be the obvious choice. However, if you want more betting options and the highest level of entertainment, then maybe American roulette would be preferred.

    Take your time to browse through our selection of almost 20 roulette tables, learn more about their rules and gameplay and give your favorite a shot in the demo version. You’ll hardly ever encounter the famous “Rien ne va plus” when playing roulette at Boom Casino!

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